When we signed up for the BET trip we really did not know what to expect. It turned out to be everything we could have asked for. We did, saw, learned, enjoyed, understood, walked, and ate SO MUCH, and got to meet so many great, interesting people. We felt welcomed into the group and do hope that we will travel again with many of you in the future.

George & Monica

After 28 trips with BET, from Ireland to Bulgaria, I would follow Larry anywhere. My favorite? The countryside of Italy, although London and Paris are close behind. And then there's the overnight tenting in the Egyptian desert. Larry has truly shown me the world.


Great small group tour company. No more than 25 on a tour, with an average of 18-20. Barker Tours provides accommodations in 3 or 4 star hotels and provides 1 meal other than breakfast on all tours. Many people have traveled multiple times, so it is like travelling with friends and if it is your first time, the group goes out of its way to make you feel at home.

Dale & Patsy

First of all, forget all the things “group tours” probably brings to mind. This is a group of friendly folks, many who have traveled together multiple times before. We seldom start day trips before 9 AM – the whole atmosphere is relatively laid back. We travel often during the off-season, straying in nice hotels (mostly 4 star, sometimes 3 star), mixing art, architecture and history with fun stuff like shopping and interesting tourist attractions. We dine together each evening, with lively conversations and good food and wine. Larry takes care of the details, we just enjoy all there is to see and do in many corners of Europe--and occasionally other parts of the world.

Ron & Dale

Since my first trip with BET, I have enjoyed 35 total, with three more planned for this year. I used to put my own trips together, but now I travel with BET and let Larry do all the hard work. The food is to die for, the hotels are excellent and the people are the greatest. I have numerous good friends whom I’ve met on Larry’s trips. I will continue to travel with BET.