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Where friends travel with friends - again and again.

Barker’s European Tours is a small operation. At the core of BET is the loyal customer base. Twenty-two people have been on ten or more tours, with nine of those having participated in more than twenty. I offer a simple loyalty program–after three tours you can deduct $100.00 from the price of any subsequent tours. As kind of a joke, I offered a free tour to anyone who went on thirty tours. I have now given away eight tours. The tours are Eurocentric for the most part, though in recent years we have explored parts of the old Roman empire that extended into North Africa and Asia Minor. In 2008, we traveled twice to China and included SE Asia and South Africa in 2010 and 2013, and Peru in 2016 and 2018. Depending on the nature of the tour, the enrollments vary from 12 to 30, with an average size of 20. I’m along on every tour to help solve any problems that might arise. When you arrive on your first BET tour, it will seem that everybody knows everybody else. Not to worry–they will take you in and by the end of the tour you will be a true BETVet!

  Current Offerings

It is now possible to travel again though Covid protocols can be a bit intrusive. Follow the guidelines and practice patience and you will have a good time.



2022 Scotland, June 29 (30) – 13, 12 days, 11 nights. $3900 in Twin/Double, add $680 for Single

Originally scheduled for 2020, the tour was first shifted to 2021 but has now been moved to 2022 since Scotland wasn’t ready for travel this summer. The tour is closed to further enrollment at this time since there are now 40 people enrolled.

Venice and the Adriatic Coast, mid-September to early October.20

I envision starting with a Venice option and then heading down the coast to Ravenna (mosaics), Ancona, and an opportunity to swing by BET Italian Headquarters–my apartment in Sarnano. We will then either continue on down the coast or perhaps fly across the Adriatic to Albania. Let me know if you are interested.



2023 Hanoi, Halong Bay, Mekong River Cruise, Angkor Wat; January 8 – 23: Upper Deck $4100 p.p. in twin room, $6014 in single; Lower Deck $3800 p.p. in twin room, $5564 in single.

This is a repeat of the highly successful 2018 Mekong River Cruise. This time we will start in Hanoi rather than Saigon to allow us to return to my all-time favorite place–Halong Bay. After two nights in Hanoi and two nights on Halong Bay, we will fly to Saigon to embark on the 7-night Mekong River Cruise, followed by three nights in Siem Riep where we will visit Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is an incredible site, and instead of trying to see it all in one day, we will spend two half-days exploring this UNESCO Heritage site. Almost all meals are included throughout the tour. Currently, there are 1 of us. I have one more Upper Deck and four Lower Deck cabins in my allotment .Vietnam is a beautiful country–come see for yourself.