Switzerland Notes

Zurich Airport, Train to St. Gallen

When you arrive at the Zurich Airport, you will first go through passport control if this is your first stop in Europe. After you pick up your luggage and clear customs you need to pick up your travel packet from the Airport Information Service Center. Here are the directions:

Terminal 1 (If you landed first in another Eruopean Airport before connecting to Zurich)
Collect your luggage, exit the baggage claim area and in the arrival hall walk straight through towards the Railway Station/Parking building. Follow signs to Trains and Parking, then follow signs to Parking 2 and Travel Center. You will pass through a shopping mall and then you should see a Travel Center sign directing you to take the first pair of escalators up to the next level towards the footbridge crossing over to Terminal 2. Look to your right and you will see the Service Center desk.

Terminal 2 (If Zurich is your first stop in Europe)
After Passport Control and collecting your luggage, make your way through customs control to the exit. In the arrival hall, take the escalator up one level to the footbridge crossing over to the Railway Station/Parking building. You will see the Service Centre desk after passing over the footbridge on your left.

Here are the arrival days and times for everyone. Pat & George are arriving a day early, so you are on your own. For those of you arriving at 8:05 and 8:50 on the 12th, notice that I should have arrived before you. I will wait for you at the Service Center and we will go down to the train level together. Sorry Nadya–you are on your own, but you are experienced with European trains, so I’m not concerned. And you might catch up with us if you are early and we are late!

11 SEP, 8:05A, UA52
Patricia Reeb & George Webber

12 SEP, 6:20A, UA9807
Laurence Barker

12 SEP, 8:05A, UA52
Lora Sorrells, Jeanne Johnson & Heidi Langston

12 SEP, 8:50, AA 92
Gretchen Quinn & Carrol Smith, Greg & Judy Parks, Carol Boyd, George Beddingfield & Roxie Montesano, Cheryl Clark-Stoner & Gary Stout, Dale Fleishman & Ron Jenkins

12 SEP, 9:20, BT 641
Nadya Peck

Everybody:  DO NOT GO DOWN TO THE TRAIN STATION UNTIL YOU HAVE PICKED UP YOUR PACKET! After picking up your packet, take the escalator down one level, then look to your right and take the escalator down to the train station. Gleis (Lines)1 & 2 were right in front when I was there in March. The trains to St. Gallen leave from there. Ask to make sure that you get on the right train for St. Gallen.

BTW, keep your eye out for ATMs after you clear customs. I used one and saw two others.

Upon arrival in St. Gallen, head for the exit, take the escalator up and exit the station. Yes, the hotel is within walking distance, but the last part is a bit uphill. And you have your luggage, you’re jet-lagged and clueless. Look for a taxi and pay CHF 10.00 for the ride up to the hotel! The cost is the same for 1 to 4 people.