2014 Scenic Switzerland

Scenic Switzerland Itinerary

Friday, 25 July, Fly from USA

For those of us arriving early, optional meeting at 7:00 to go find some dinner (optional.)

Everyone: Since I will be meeting you at the airport with your Swiss Rail Pass which will pay your way into town, you must notify me if you miss a flight or are going to be delayed. Email me or call me on my cell: +1 210 702 1884Or call the hotel and leave a message.

Day 1 – Saturday 26 July 2014, Zurich

Group arrives at Zurich. Since the train in from the airport reportedly only takes about 10 minutes, I will meet all of you at the airport with your rail passes. In case we miss, here are directions to the hotel from the main train station as posted on the hotel web page: “At the end of track 18 cross the street at the traffic light and turn behind the restaurant in the Vorbahnhof Radgasse, after 30m you reach the Konrad street. On the left about 300m down the Hotel Montana with the Bistrot is “Konrad 39″ located.” (Translation: Find Track #18 and exit to the north. Find the intersection of Zollstrasse & Radgasse. Walk up Radgasse and turn left at first intersection and this should be Konradstrasse. Continue walking up Konradstrasse and the hotel will be on your left.) After arrival and checking in, do what you need to do to shake off the effects of the flight–shower, short nap, exploratory stroll, whatever. Let’s plan to meet in a central area (bar?) at 7:00 for announcements, distribution of some materials, and then go to dinner from there.

Overnight in Hotel Montana Zurich. Tel.: +41(0)43 366 60 00 Dinner at 7:30 in nearby Zeughauskeller Restaurant.

Day 2 – Sunday 27 July, Zurich

Breakfast at the hotel (included) every morning. Free day in Zurich. Zürich is Switzerland’s largest city and well known for its wide range of cultural attractions, a spectacular Old Town, well worth exploring for its small shops and boutiques, and a variety of museums to visit: Museum Rietberg–renowned collection of works from Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. Swiss National Museum – Landesmuseum—permanent exhibitions at the museums present Swiss culture history from its beginnings to the present, and give an insight into Swiss identity, the country’s history and culture. The Kunsthaus—houses the most important collection of modern art in Zürich. International works of significance include many paintings by Edvard Munch, Van Gogh, Picasso and leading Expressionists. There is also a significant group of works by Claude Monet and Marc Chagall.
Overnight in Hotel Montana Zurich. Dinner at 7:30 in in nearby Zeughauskeller Restaurant.

Day 3 – Monday 28 July, Glacier Express from Brig to Chur

IMPORTANT NOTE: The times listed are when the train or bus is scheduled to depart from the station. We will need to leave the hotel in time to make it to the station and the departure point with a bit of time to spare. Make sure your day pack has everything you will need for the day since our luggage will be traveling separately.
Prepare luggage for transport to Davos. (Luggage pickup: 8:00, delivery in Davos: 17:30.) Check out of hotel and walk to station as group in time for departure:08:02/10:11 Depart Zurich to Brig (IC 812, Platform #17), change trains
11:18/15:34 Depart by Glacier Express from Brig to Chur (GEX 904), Reservations: Car 35, seats 44-48, 51-58, 61-68.
Lunch on board Glacier Express train
15:58/17:01 Depart from Chur to Filisur (RE 1153, Platform #10), change trains (tight connection)

17:04/17:29 Depart from Filisur to Davos Platz (R1844), change trains
18:02/18:06 Depart Davos Platz to Davos Dorf (RE1060)
Short walk to hotel
Overnight in Hotel Meierhof, Davos. +41 81 417 14 14 Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel.

Day 4 – Tuesday 29 July, Free day in Davos

We will be given “Davos-Klosters” cards which allow us free use of local buses, some trains and cable cars while we are in Davos. Overnight in Hotel Meierhof, Davos. Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel

Day 5 – Wednesday 30 July, Bernina Express to Tirano

Prepare luggage for transport to Lugano. (Luggage pickup: 8:00, delivery in Lugano: 18:30.) Check out of hotel and take free resort bus from hotel to Davos Platz. Bring along your Davos-Klosters card for use on the bus. We will need to be at the bus station no later than 8:00.
08:14/12:02 Depart from Davos Platz to Tirano (Bernina Express BEX 961), Car 16, Seats 51-52, 54-57, 61-68, 71-77.
Lunch at own arrangements in Tirano
14:20/17:30 Depart by bus 5951 from Tirano to Lugano. Reservations: Car 2, Seats 41, 51-58, 61-68, 72, 74, 76, 78.
Walk to the hotel or take Bus #4 to Piazza Luina stop. (Bus covered by Swiss Pass)
Overnight in Hotel International au Lac, Lugano. +41 91 922 75 41 Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel

Day 6 – Thursday 31 July, Monte San Salvatore excursion

Morning free, 11:30/11:40 Depart by funicular FUN1001 from Lugano Paradiso MS to Monte San Salvatore
Lunch at own arrangements
14:00/14:10 Depart by funicular FUN1001 from Monte San Salvatore to Lugano Paradiso MS
Free time in Lugano
Overnight in Hotel International au Lac, Lugano. Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel

Day 7 – Friday 1 August, Lugano to Lucerne (Luzern) on the William Tell Express

Prepare luggage for transport to Lucerne. (Luggage pickup: 12:40, delivery in Luzern: 17:00.) Check out of hotel and walk to station as group in time for departure:
08:27/08:57 Depart Lugano to Bellinzona (S-Bahn 10), change trains
10:06/11:41 Depart by William Tell Express from Bellinzona to Fluelen (IR 2176), Reservations: Car 2 Seats 43, 45-46, 51-56, 61-66, 71-76, change to boat
12:00/14:47 Depart Fluelen to Lucerne (William Tell boat).
Light lunch included on the boat
Walk to the hotel and check in
16:00 Guided walking tour of Lucerne, with local guide (2 hours)
Overnight in Hotel Waldstatterhof, Lucerne. +41 (0)41 227 12 71 Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel

Day 8 – Saturday 2 August, Free day in Lucerne

Lucerne is located in a perfect setting by the shores of Lake Lucerne, flanked by Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus, this beautiful city remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland. Walk through the Old Town and marvel at the painted facades and historic buildings. Enjoy a stroll through narrow cobbled streets lined with shops selling traditional Swiss goods. Or walk across the river on the famous wooden ‘Kapellbrücke’ (Chapel Bridge) with its triangular paintings, some of which date back to the 17th century. Other places of interest include the impressive Lion Monument, made of natural sandstone, and the Glacier Garden. There are several museums, such as the Transport Museum, which is regarded as one of the most comprehensive in Europe and well worth a visit.
Overnight in Hotel Waldstatterhof, Lucerne. Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel

Day 9 – Sunday 3 August, Mount Rigi excursion

09:12/10:09 Departure by lake boat from Lucerne to Vitznau (BAV7), change to train
10:15/10:45 Depart by train from Vitznau to Rigi Kulm (R1115)
Lunch at own arrangements in Rigi Kulm
14:04/14:48 Departure by train R 152 from Rigi Kulm to Arth-Goldau, change trains
15:14/15:41 Departure by train ICN680, Platform 5 from Arth-Goldau to Lucerne
Overnight in Hotel Waldstatterhof, Lucerne. Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel

Day 10 – Monday 4 August, Lucerne to Wengen via the Brunig Pass

Prepare luggage for transport to Wengen. (Luggage pickup: 8:00, delivery in Wengen: 16:30.) Check out of hotel and walk to station as group in time for departure:
10:05/11:03 Depart Lucerne to Brunig Hasliberg (IR2218, Platform 12), change to bus (tight connection)
11:06/11.18 Depart Brunig Hasliberg by bus to Ballenberg Ost (BUS 108)
Visit to the Ballenberg Open Air Museum
15:06/15:20 Depart from Ballenberg West by bus to Brienz (BUS 224), change to train
15:35/15:55 Depart Brienz to Interlaken Ost (IR2226, Platform #1, arrive Platform #4), change trains
16:05/16:25 Depart Interlaken Ost to Lauterbrunnen (R175, Platform 2A), change trains
16:37/16:51 Depart Lauterbrunnen to Wengen (R375)
Walk to the hotel
Overnight in Hotel Sunstar, Wengen +41 33 856 52 00. Dinner at 7:30 in the hotel

Day 11 – Tuesday 5 August, Train journey from Wengen to Bern via Interlaken

Prepare luggage for transport to Bern. (Luggage pickup: 8:00, delivery in Bern: 17:00.) Check out of hotel and walk to station as group in time for departure:
10:03/10:21 Depart by train from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen (R338), change trains
10:33/10:54 Depart by train from Lauterbrunnen to Interlaken Ost (R138, Platform #3)
Free time in Interlaken
14:30/15:23 Depart Interlaken Ost to Bern (IC1078)
Short walk to the hotel
Overnight in Hotel Bristol, Bern. +41 31 311 01 01 Dinner at 7:30 next to the hotel, Restaurant della Casa

Day 12 – Wednesday 6 August, Free day in Bern

The Swiss Capital has retained its medieval magic and remained virtually unchanged for centuries, from its fountains to its cobbled streets and cellars. The charming medieval city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and invites delightful strolls through its cobbled streets. Many of these streets are lined by stone arcades housing small individual shops and cafés. Slightly outside the centre there is the famous Paul Klee Museum which hosts exciting art exhibitions throughout the year.
Overnight in Hotel Bristol, Bern. Dinner at 7:30 next to the hotel, Restaurant della Casa

Day 13 – Thursday 7 August, Bern to Zurich airport

06:02/07:16, or 07:02/08:16, or 08:02/09:16 ) Depart by train from Bern to Zurich airport for individual flight arrangements. (Note: Our seats are not reserved this time, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Also, other departure times are available.) For those of us spending the night in the Hotel Montana, Zurich, breakfast is included but dinner is not. After all of the hotel meals, let’s go find an informal restaurant nearby (optional).