2005 Paris


Saturday, March 12: Depart USA
Sunday, March 13: Arrival at Paris CDG. Since all of you are coming in on different flights, I will probably not meet you. To get to the hotel: Proceed to RER station. Buy ticket for €8.80 (I will reimburse you) and take the RER to Chatalet/Les Halles station. After exiting the train area, follow signs to Rue du Rivoli, then after taking a long moving sidewalk, diagonal to the left, go up the escalator and take Rue St. Denis exit. Walk to the corner and look right for the Hotel Louvre-Rivoli,, 7, rue Jean Lantier, (011331) 42 33 45 38 in the middle of the block. Your rooms may not be ready, so prepare to be a bit uncomfortable. Check in, shower, stretch out for a bit, put on some fresh clothes and then grab some lunch, I will be in the lobby at 3:00 and we can take in informal walk around the neighborhood, assuming nice weather. If you have another agenda, leave a note at the front desk. Meet again at 7:15 and I’ll provide you with a metro pass (do NOT use this pass until Monday) for the week and museum passes that will get you into more museums than you can imagine, including the Louvre, D’Orsay and Versailles. We will then walk to a nearby restaurant. , the Au Pied de Cochon.

Monday: Le Bistrot des Lavandières
Tuesday: Au Vieux Comptoire
Wednesday: La Robe et la Palais
Thursday: Le Bistrot des Lavandières
Friday: Chez Denise.
Saturday: Le Bistrot des Lavandières
Sunday, March 20 Tour ends with your flight back to the states. Your metro pass will get you out to the airport. Allow an hour from the hotel.

Laurence Barker
Careylin Dryden & Sherry Remedos
Dale Fleishman & Ron Jenkins
Carrol Smith & Donita Lincoln
Beth & Patti Donnellan