2003 CityWeeks Rome/Paris

Rome Itinerary

Saturday, March 8: Departure from USA

Sunday, March 9: Continental #40 arriving at 7:50 a.m., Delta #70 arriving at 8:45 a.m. and Delta #148 arriving at 8:00 a.m. I will be there with a minibus to take you into town and the Ludovisi Palace Hotel, Via Ludovisi, 43, 00187 Roma, (01139) 0 642020396. British Air #560 at 1610. D&L: There will be a taxi driver with your names waiting for you. For those of you who are arriving in the morning, after you have had a chance to nap, shower and get a little refreshed, I will walk you around the neighborhood to get you oriented. If it is a nice day, we will spend some time in the nearby Borghese Gardens. Breakfast and dinner are provided every day. A full buffet breakfast is available at the hotel. I will vary our dining experiences since night after night of the typical four-course dinner gets tiring. We will meet every night in the hotel lobby at 7:45 to go to dinner. Dinner tonight is at Antica Trattoria Tritone

Monday, March 10: La Scala Pizzeria & Ristorante

Tuesday, March 11: Tiffany Ristorante

Wednesday, March 12: Depart hotel at 9:00 for excursion to Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este and lunch at the Ristorante Sibilla in Tivoli. Late afternoon return to Rome. Evening free.

Thursday, March 13: La Scala.

Friday, March 14: Ristorante Cesarina.

Saturday, March 15: Tour ends after breakfast. Transfer to train station of airport is NOT included. I will help you arrange for a transfer if you want.

9:50 transfer by taxi to Roma Termini. Depart Roma Termini on Eurostart #9434 (car 4, seats 61-66) at 10:30, arrive Milano Centrale at 15:00. Depart Milano Centrale at 16:00 on TGV #9258 (car1, seats 21-26), arrive Paris Gare du Lyon at 22:51. Dinner on train.

Rome rooming list

Laurence Barker
Jeri Lyn Lockwood & Chris Lyons
Linda Legg & JoAnne Prusinski
Liz & Roberta Diesner
Laura Robinson & Carrol Smith
Dale Fleishman & Ron Jenkins
Larry Richards & David Dooley

Paris Itinerary

Saturday, March 15: Depart USA

Sunday, March 16: Arrival at Paris CDG on Delta #16 at 7:30. Since all of you are familiar with the procedures, I will probably not meet the flight. A reminder: Proceed to RER station. Buy ticket for €7.50 (I will reimburse you) and take the RER to Chatalet/Les Halles station. After exiting the train area, follow signs to Rue du Rivoli, then after taking a long moving sidewalk, diagonal to the left, go up the escalator and take Rue St. Denis exit. Walk to the corner and look right for the Hotel Violet, 7, rue Jean Lantier, (011331) 42 33 45 38 in the middle of the block. Your rooms may not be ready, so prepare to be a bit uncomfortable. After you check in and have time to shower, stretch out for a bit, and put on some fresh clothes, I will lead us on a short walking tour around our neighborhood, assuming nice weather. During this time I’ll provide you with a metro pass (do NOT use this pass until Monday) for the week and museum passes that will get you into more museums than you can imagine, including the Louvre, D’Orsay and Versailles. Every evening we will meet in the hotel lobby at 7:15 to walk to a nearby restaurant. Tonight we will go to Cote Seine.

Monday: Le Bistrot des Lavandières
Tuesday: Au Vieux Comptoir
Wednesday: Le Caveau du Palais
Thursday: Chez Clovis
Friday: Le Bistrot des Lavandières
Saturday: Au Vieux Comptoire
Sunday, March 23 Tour ends with your flight back to the states. Your metro pass will get you out to the airport. Allow an hour from the hotel.

Laurence Barker
Sara & Charlie Lewis
Careylin Dryden & Carrol Smith
Larry & Karen Matsuda
Liz & Roberta Disner
Paul Golden
Dale Fleishman & Ron Jenkins
Carol Benge & Mark Johnson